Sunomono & Tilapia Sashimi at Sushi Thai Garden

28 Dec

Yesterday I ate lunch with a friend at Sushi Thai Garden in Saratoga Springs.  The temperature rose a few degrees and the sun was finally shining (brightly enough to begin melting frozen paths in Congress Park, which proved to be a challenge for my suede boots…), so it was a good day to be in Saratoga.  Regardless of the weather, I generally think avoiding track season crowds, makes for a good day in Saratoga.

I ordered a nigri/sashimi combination box lunch that also came with miso soup and sunomono.  I also had a thai iced tea that was delicious.  Sunomono (a new dish to me) is made by putting vegetables and/or seafood in sweetened vinegar — I had thinly-shredded carrots and daikon with tako (octopus) and kani (crab stick) — it may be my new favorite snack!  I also tried tilapia sashimi for the first time and it was wonderful.  The taste reminded me slightly of uni (sea urchin).  Sushi is one of the few foods I could eat every day (although not an entire plate of nigri and sashimi every day).

I recreated sunomono this afternoon with cabbage, carrots, and cellophane noddles.  I didn’t sweeten it as much as the restaurant version, so mine tasted healthier, but I’ll make it slightly sweeter next time.

Sushi Thai Garden, 44 Phila St, Saratoga Springs, NY

Sushi Thai Garden on Urbanspoon


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