Jon Huck on Breakfast

22 Feb


The image above is from photographer Jon Huck’s project titled ‘Breakfast’, where he photographs portraits of people and their breakfasts.

There are so many factors contributing to food choices (including and not limited to country of habitation, country of origin, socio-economic status, travel experiences). It’s fascinating to view these food combinations entirely out of context and try to piece together my own story. Plus, and this is why I love the concept, looking into someone’s morning in this way (and seeing his/her face next to the meal) is such an intimate look at the subject’s life.

The image above is one of the photographs in the series (this one reminds me of my dad’s breakfast, which always features lots of fresh vegetables). See more of Huck’s work.

My experience with breakfast is often a rushed meal on weekdays, something I barely fit into the schedule, and a slow and carefully prepared meal on the weekends. It also changes almost daily – I can’t eat cereal every morning.

If Jon Huck photographed you, what would your breakfast be?


One Response to “Jon Huck on Breakfast”


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