Iced Chai Latte at the Thristy Mind

2 Mar

I went to the Thirsty Mind today to do some work.  It’s located in South Hadley, MA, across the street from Mount Holyoke College.  I’ve been hearing about this place for a while, so I was glad to finally visit for a few hours.

the coffee bar

I had an iced chai latte – it was good, not exceptional – but the work environment was surprisingly great.  The music was obscure enough that it wasn’t catchy and I didn’t know any of the songs (I know, it’s fine…) and the volume was good for reading or working on the computer.  There is a lot of natural light (I sat by one of the three large window areas).  They also have fast, free wifi.

My only complaint: why are the cold drinks all in throw-away plastic cups?!

If I ever come again, it will be to have a regular (hot) latte.  That’s my universal test for coffee shops.  If you can’t do that correctly, I have a hard time believing anything else will be good.  Actually, here’s my list of tests:

  • Coffee: latte
  • Italian: fettucini alfredo
  • Thai: pad thai
  • Sushi: spicy tuna roll
  • Ice cream: anything chocolate and coffee

The only exception to my test that I’ve found so far is Starbucks.  Their lattes are disgusting (always burnt-tasting, without a rich foam), but those frappuccinos – they get me every time.


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