Pupusas at El Guanaco

3 Mar

my take-home pupusa

El Guanaco in South Hadley, MA is easy to pass by – there is a small sign along the road and the small restaurant is set back a bit, nestled between two larger buildings.

I’ve only had the pupusas (I ordered them filled with cheese and jalapenos), which are amazing, and the horchata, which was not as amazing.  First, the pupusa: the corn flour is cooked perfectly and the inside full of cheese, but not overpowering.  The curtido (cabbage that comes on the side) is consistently delicious and the tomato sauce refreshing.  I like to add a bit of hot sauce on top because the tomato sauce isn’t spicy.  The best part, I think, of ordering pupusas is that you can easily order them to go.  They’re made in less than 10 minutes, they’re wrapped in foil, the cabbage and sauce are separate on the side, and they’re always still warm when you arrive home.

And the horchata: I’d like to think that I’m becoming a sort of horchata connoisseur – they’re definitely one of my top five favorite drinks when they’re made well.  At El Guanaco (and I tried them on two different occasions), the horchata is too watery, but also very grainy/chalky-tasting.  I wish they would make them taste better because they complement a pupusa perfectly!

El Guanaco has a full menu that you’re welcome to try, but if you go, be sure to order a pupusa.


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