Brunch at The Blue Room

10 Mar

Yes, today is March 10.  Some time has passed since Valentines Day, but keep reading, this is entirely relevant as The Blue Room serves brunch every Sunday…

I’ve been wanting to visit The Blue Room for about a year.  Even though it was (a very busy) Valentines Day, the atmosphere was the perfect combination of relaxed and refined.  The music was great, as I expected from the wonderful music on their website.  The website is beautiful, something I can’t usually (near ever) say about restaurant websites.  Sometimes I pull up their website just to listen to the music.

Okay, I don’t typically like buffets, but because of problems The Blue Room didn’t have.  The food was fresh (serving dishes were directly in front of the kitchen) and served in small quantities, there was a good variety of foods, and I didn’t feel gross after the meal!  It’s kind of strange to show a picture of the plate I put together, but I need to provide an illustration, so:

Blue Room Buffet

My combo

There was a nice selection of vegetables, fruit, starch, fish, and meat – the most memorable were fish – we had ceviche that was delicious and the salmon was perfectly moist and flavorful.

Did I mention the desserts were amazing?  Every time I tried one I was sure the next wouldn’t be better, but then it was, in a completely different way.  The truffle was a melt-in-your-mouth version of chili chocolate from Lindt, one of my favorites, the rice pudding had a great flavor, but was a tad dry, the bread pudding was AMAZING and definitely had a good amount of rum (and I thought I didn’t like bread pudding…), and the cheesecake was so creamy with a fresh hint of lime.

spicy chocolate truffle, rice pudding, rum bread pudding, lime cheesecake from Blue Room

(clockwise) spicy chocolate truffle, rice pudding, rum bread pudding, lime cheesecake

I need to go back for dinner – and wine, they have a great selection.

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One Response to “Brunch at The Blue Room”

  1. mpcollins93 March 26, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    Great recap, and wonderful to see you!

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