Soups and Salads at the 2nd Street Café

22 Oct

I try to bring my lunch to work as often as possible. Some days, though, it’s nice to have a break and visit one of the many lunch spots near MIT/Kendall in Cambridge. One of my favorites (for taste, variety, convenience, supporting a local business…) is the 2nd Street Café on, you guessed it, 2nd Street in Cambridge. 2nd Street serves breakfast and lunch on weekdays with a menu that includes a small breakfast selection, soups, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and a strong coffee.
I’ve been enjoying a gazpacho for most of my visits – it has great flavor and texture with large pieces of cucumber – so that was my plan for lunch one day this week as well. At the register, though, I was disappointed to discover that gazpacho is only served during the summer until around Columbus Day! It makes sense. So, I was forced into trying something new: the soup and salad combo. I ordered cream of broccoli soup and a Greek salad. I miss the gazpacho, but the broccoli soup was fantastic, very soothing for a cold day; the feta cheese and simple oil and vinegar dressing brightened up a simple salad.
Everyone working at 2nd Street is super friendly, they’re always changing daily specials, and, for such a small place, they are great at serving a quick and tasty lunch.
Monday-Friday, 7:30am-3pm, cash only
2nd Street Café, 89 2nd Street, Cambridge MA

2nd Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

Nov 2010 Update:I returned for lunch and had a second great experience! I ordered mushroom barley soup and a spinach salad with pecans, cranberries, bacon and a light vinaigrette.


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