5 Easy Changes to Healthier Eating

1 Nov

I have a great friend from college who likes the first of each month because it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. I think her fondness of the 1st has rubbed off on me. Particularly because today is November 1st AND a Monday, it just seems fitting to focus on healthy changes today. So, here are 5 easy changes to healthier eating:

  1. Plan and make your meals as often as possible. If you’re making an effort to be healthy, you’re probably not going to want pizza five days/week (without a plan, though, this might be your menu). Plus, even if you eat at those trendy, expensive, local, organic restaurants, it’s difficult to know (& plan) what you’re eating.
  2. Switch your grain choices. Instead of white bread, try whole wheat or multi-grain. Instead of white pasta, use enriched (it doesn’t taste anything like cardboard). Once you’ve accepted the switch, you might start to prefer the added flavor (and fiber!).
  3. Stock up on fruits, veggies, and nuts. Snacking is great, as long as you watch portions and you’re making healthy decisions. I like to have something for the end of the work day before I head home for dinner, but it’s easy to crave sweets. Prepare some carrot sticks (or buy baby carrots), make a trail mix (use nuts, dried fruit, cereal, seeds), or bring an apple.
  4. Eat smaller portions throughout the day. Eating six small meals each day is easier for your body to digest than two or three large meals. Focus on a variety of colorful foods and don’t forget to eat breakfast, even if it’s a small bowl of cereal or an apple and peanut butter.
  5. Allow yourself some indulgences. I love sweets, particularly chocolate. Sometimes it’s better to happily enjoy a small amount of your weakness to avoid overeating a few hours later.

I hope you might see one or two of these changes as a gradual (managable) switch, rather than introducing something new to your eating habits. Enjoy the month!


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