Bibimbap at Koreana in Cambridge

21 Nov

Bibimbap at Koreana in Cambridge

Trying new foods is fantastic, but what is really exciting is trying a cuisine for the first time. With my friend’s recommendation that Koreana is one of the most authentic in the area, we walked in to a full dining room around 7:30pm on a Wednesday evening. I couldn’t imagine how busy it must be on weekends!

Everything on the menu looked great. I ordered dolsot bibimbap ($15) with kimchi (“dolsot” is the stone pot the dish is served in, see below for description of bibimbap). Perhaps a safe choice compared to some of the other dishes I saw, but I hear about bibimbap often, so I thought it would be a good first experience with Korean cuisine.
I discovered an amazing combination in a cuisine: pickled vegetables, spice, AND seafood?! Everything I enjoy.

My meal started with miso soup, then the bibimbap arrived – an egg, vegetables, and kimchi over rice. My friend mixed it up for me with chopsticks and a spoon (she grew up in South Korea, so I had great expertise at my table!). In addition to our meals, seven side dishes were delivered (pickled daikon, zucchini, bean sprouts, kimchi, mixed vegetables, seaweed, and eomuk-flat pieces of fish). It was delicious.

We had a very relaxed meal and at the end we were given a sweet ginger tea for dessert with two little pine nuts in the cup. Truly a great experience!

Koreana, 158 Prospect Street, Cambridge

Koreana on Urbanspoon


One Response to “Bibimbap at Koreana in Cambridge”

  1. rsmacaalay November 24, 2010 at 3:30 am #

    I miss Korean food! I love it when we eat at those Korean restaurants specially those with open flame grills in front of you, Korean barbecue is so simple yet really good specially if paired with Kimchi.

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