Pinkberry on Newbury

23 Nov


I visited the Newbury Street Pinkberry and it was fantastic! I know, I know, old news for LA folks, but if you’re ever in Boston, think about stopping by!

This location is organized well for its small size, the staff are very friendly, and the music selection is the best I’ve heard in a long time at a cafe/ice cream place (all the best late 90s faves with some current tunes thrown in, too).

Last time I had Pinkberry (in California) there was the original flavor and possibly one other. Now there is a variety (original, mango, pomegranate, chocolate, passionfruit, and seasonal pumpkin). My friend and I decided on mango (after also sampling the pomegranate, which was good but a bit lighter in flavor). I added pommegranet seeds, mango pieces, blackberries, and shreaded coconut to mine (I made such a good combo). Next time, chocolate yogurt (and maybe it will be at the Harvard Square location when it opens in March 2011…)!

If I were 16 again, I would apply to work there tomorrow: fun/clean atmosphere, good location, AND free frozen yogurt. What more could a girl ask for?

Pinkberry Newbury Street Interior

Pinkberry, 286 Newbury Street, Boston

Pinkberry on Urbanspoon


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