Winter in Boston & Memories of Edinburgh

21 Dec

Temperatures have been low since last week, but it snowed for the first time in Cambridge yesterday! Thus, making today feel like the official start of winter, and further inspiring the quest to fill my kitchen (and stomach) with teas, soups, casseroles, noodles…warmth.

When snow covers everything, I like to tuck into coffee shops with a big latte and a good book. Sometimes (okay, often) I daydream about my semester in Edinburgh when I found refuge from the wind at Black Medicine Coffee (the most perfect latte) or the vegetarian Forest Cafe (one of my most interesting cafe experiences!). In Edinburgh I could wander (on foot) for 30 minutes and find cafes, antique stores, picturesquely perfect houses, that I was sure would welcome me (I didn’t ask at the homes, but they probably would…).

Cambridge/Boston forces me to plan my destinations a bit more, and nothing seems as magical as in Scotland. I can dream of going back for my favorite latte in Edinburgh, but for this winter, I hope to find a good one here in Boston!


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