My Favorite Boston Lattes

25 Jan

A bad latte can ruin a large portion of my day. I bring this upon myself because I save lattes for moments when I need one. I typically drink a few cups of tea in the morning, coffee occasionally if I’m offered. When I’m ready for a latte, I want to settle in with book and/or pen and paper and savor the perfect combination of thick foam, silky milk (whole milk), and rich espresso. I order whole milk. How can that not lead to full-bodied foam?

I’ve have some bad lattes lately. Burnt espresso, way too much milk in the ratio, foam that hits my tongue like a million air-filled, synthetic bubbles. Gross. Not to mention bad cafe experiences in general: sterile seating areas, hard chairs and sticky tables, paintings that would offend high school art classes, the smell of burnt espresso…and we’re coming full-circle.

I could be negative and present a master list of the worst lattes around, OR I could suggest my favorites.

Where I go for my favorite lattes in Boston:

  • Boston Common Coffee Company (Downtown Crossing, Financial District, North End)
  • Crema Cafe (Harvard Square)
  • Flour Bakery (Central Square, South End, Fort Point)
  • L’Aroma Cafe (Newbury Street, West Newton)
  • Wired Puppy (Newbury Street, Provincetown)

Also, I need to mention, Happy Burns Day!

What haven’t I discovered? Where are your favorite latte locations in and around Boston?


2 Responses to “My Favorite Boston Lattes”

  1. kitchenmisfit January 26, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    Cafenation in Brighton Center has amazing lattes!

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