Chai Lattes and other treats at The Fortunate Cup in Saratoga

1 Mar

This is my first guest post! My sister, Samantha, provides a great review of The Fortunate Cup in Saratoga Springs, New York. Enjoy!

Being on spring break has been more like a working vacation than an escape. That being said, I am thrilled that I found a charming coffee shop, just minutes away from downtown Saratoga Springs, that is perfect for being productive.

My friend and I met at The Fortunate Cup at 9:30 on a Sunday morning following the aftermath of yet another large snowstorm. I was surprised that the parking lot was already cleared when we arrived and there were plenty of parking spaces.

I ordered a chai latte with soymilk ($3.20 for a medium): it was perfectly warm (hot enough for sipping leisurely for an hour or so, but not scalding), had undertones of cinnamon, a smooth consistency, and just the right amount of froth. The perfect drink to combat the slightly less than desirable weather.

The coffee shop is spacious and has a conference room, a fireplace, and countless wooden tables and matching chairs ideal for studying. Country music in the background added to the already relaxing atmosphere.

After my latte, I ordered a veggie wrap sandwich (lettuce, tomatoes, grilled vegetables, and hummus on a whole wheat wrap, $4.80). Although my stomach was more than satisfied at this point, I also bought a lemonberry bar ($1.99) before leaving. The flaky crust and creamy texture of the filling was tasty, but a little too sweet.

There is something special about a coffee shop that welcomes people who wish to study (free and strong wifi) or sit and chat for hours (about 4 in our case). I look forward to coming back when I have some work to do!

The Fortunate Cup, 120 West Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY

The Fortunate Cup on Urbanspoon


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