Brunch at Colby’s in Portsmouth

11 Aug

Boston pales in comparison to cities like LA or New York on the brunch front. We’re uniquely fortunate, though, to have fantastic New England towns all around us where you can find small, often charming, eating establishments. One of my favorite places for brunch is in Portsmouth, NH. This seaside town is an hour from Boston, but the drive is worth the destination, particularly if you start with Colby’s!

Before I begin to gush over the impressive meat, veggie, and carb combos, I need to share my problem with eating breakfast out. I come from a family of amazing cooks and I love to make breakfast: I use eggs and pork from my parents’ farm whenever possible, real maple syrup, you get the idea. I’m a critical eater anyway, but a mediocre breakfast is bad start to the day. So now you’ll better understand why I love Colby’s:

There is always a line at Colby’s – the dining room is cozy and in the warmer months there’s outdoor seating – but the staff is incredibly efficient and you’ll feel taken care of. Daily specials are unique (where else can you find a fiddlehead omelet?) and the menu has everything you’re craving for breakfast from eggs benedict to pancakes and french toast. This is what I appreciate most: I never order an omelet out because I’m concerned that the egg will be undercooked on the inside – not at Colby’s. They know a great omelet.

It’s a trip, but if you have a free day, Portsmouth is the perfect small town destination. You can start with breakfast, move to the harbor, do some shopping, and be back to Boston by dinner (that is, if you want to leave!).

So I know a few of you are very enthusiastic about the first meal of the day. Where are your favorite places for brunch? I’d love to check them out.

Colby’s, 105 Daniel St, Portsmouth, MA

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3 Responses to “Brunch at Colby’s in Portsmouth”

  1. Elizabeth August 11, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    Portsmouth is definitely one of my fave towns, but I’ve never heard of Colby’s. I’ll have to check it out. I’m started to get a little tired of Friendly Toast for brunch. My fave place to get lunch is Ceres.

  2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story August 11, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    I grew up right near Portsmouth but have never been to or heard of Colby’s. The Friendly Toast is always my brunch standby but I’ll definitely have to check this place out!

    • Liz August 11, 2011 at 9:12 am #

      That must have been a great place to grow up. Colby’s is a more recent addition to Portsmouth – they opened in 2003.

      I need to try the Friendly Toast – I see the Cambridge location all the time, but I’ve never stopped in. Thanks for your comments!

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