We Found the Ben & Jerry’s Truck at Whole Foods!

23 Aug

Summer in Boston has its perks, from free concerts to outdoor seating at restaurants. What I like most about living in the city, though, is finding the unexpected: a guitar player on the sidewalk, overhearing bits of history from a Freedom Trail tour, free ice cream…

Have you found the Ben & Jerry’s Truck yet this summer? Last week I caught up with Taylor and Elise, master drivers and super friendly free-ice-cream-givers, in Cambridge.

On Friday, August 19, Whole Foods on River Street celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a block party. There were samples of KerryGold, Grillos, Pretzel Crisps, Ripe juice for all, but the talk of the event was the free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It was before dinner, but guests were more than willing to risk their appetites.

Taylor, an assistant manager at a Boston Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop, talked with me about her experiences working on the truck. And, of course, I had to sample Cherry Garcia, the flavor I would eat by the pint with my dad at Cape Cod.

This is Taylor’s second year working on the truck – she says it’s “great to give back to the community” by attending public events and visiting offices (20-30 each week!) throughout the Boston area. Before Boston, the truck was also in Miami and New York. The truck accepts location suggestions and announces where it will be via its Twitter account (@BenJerrysTruck) and will continue traveling around Boston until August 29.

In the coming weeks Taylor will begin her senior year at Boston University where she studies Biochemistry. Her favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors are Half-Baked Frozen Yogurt and Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack. She’s also excited about Ben & Jerry’s becoming completely Fair Trade Certified by 2013 – and we’re not talking just a few flavors, but every bit of every flavor – from chocolate chunks to vanilla. Now that’s something to look forward to.

There’s still time to grab a free ice cream from the truck, so check in on Twitter and say ‘hello’ to Taylor and Elise for me!


One Response to “We Found the Ben & Jerry’s Truck at Whole Foods!”

  1. Buxton Brown August 23, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    Ice cream on wheels. How it should be done.

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