Saturday Short List: Jan 21

21 Jan

My first Saturday Short List of 2012. It’s a good one.

Image from hearthstrungI ate raw for a few days this summer. While I wouldn’t want to continue it long-term, I had so much energy, slimmed down while eating everything (raw) in sight, and found a bunch of great new recipes. As you may have read on my Food Goals for 2012, I’m planning to eat raw for at least two days each month this year. For a rich – raw – treat, check out these Avocado Chocolate Truffles from hearthstrung by way of golubka. They’re very impressive-looking!

Tracey’s Culinary Adventures has a recipe for (Panera-style) Broccoli Cheddar Soup. I rarely go to Panera, but when I do, I always order the Mediterranean Veggie on ciabatta or…the Broccoli Cheddar Soup! Very excited to try this recipe.

These Salt Roasted Pears with Cajeta from ‘desserts for breakfast’ are gorgeous. Enough said.

New York, New York Food Crawl from ‘The Small Boston Kitchen’ hits a bunch of must-try NYC spots. From Katz’s to Les Halles, this is the definition of a proper food crawl!

‘Eat, Live, Run’ shares a Thai Fire-Pot Soup recipe that looks perfect for one of these chilly nights we’ve been (finally) having in the Northeast. Not that I enjoy this below-freezing weather, but it is the season for it.


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