Brunch at The Landsdowne Pub with Boston Brunchers

10 Feb

I find there are two types of brunch. One is the Elegant Brunch – mimosas in fragile champagne glasses, fresh fruit, warm pastries – the kind of outing for which you’d want to freshen up and maybe put on a cute outfit. The other is the No-Frills Brunch – often at a bar, heavy-on-the-alcohol drinks, greasy homefries – the kind you crave after a few too many drinks from the night before. Brunch at The Landsdowne Pub holds its own in the latter category.

I met a lovely Boston Brunchers group on one of those recent unseasonably warm Sundays. Walking through Fenway I saw ample confetti and a single high-heeled shoe from the night before outside the House of Blues. Someone had an interesting night!

Before arriving I knew I’d order the Full Irish Breakfast. A tattooed waitress served our entire table of twelve and provided the perfect amount of attention (often at these blogging events servers are overly – unnecessarily – attentive). We had the place to ourselves from 10:30 to after noon. Maybe The Landsdowne is more for the 12-3pm crowd?

The atmosphere was exactly what I would expect for a brunch at an Irish bar and there was even a music duo that started playing around noon.

The drinks I tried carried a theme of being watered-down. We started with coffee – it was very weak. Then I ordered a Bloody Mary, which I first thought was very heavy on the vodka, but after a few sips realized it too was just watery.

(eggs, baked beans, ham, tomato, bangers (sausage), white & black pudding)

My Irish Breakfast contained all of the standard elements, but nothing was exceptional (and we had to request a side of toast). For the $13 price tag, there should have been more food and flavor. Maybe they can get away with charging more in Fenway, but in Central Square at Phoenix Landing, for example, you can get a more substantial Irish Breakfast for $10. Ever since visiting Dublin and starting my day with a Full Irish, I have this expectation that it should be enough food to keep me satisfied until dinner.

There were, however, quite a few inventive dishes around our table. Daisy from Indulge Inspire Imbibe shared her buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and Bailey’s whipped cream – what a fantastic combination! I even bought some Bailey’s after the meal to make my own whipped cream for crepes. There was also a ‘Landsdowne Pie’ (above), a very impressive layered version of a quiche. I wouldn’t order the Irish Breakfast again, but I would try one of these dishes.

Despite a few shortcomings on my food and drink items, my overall experience at The Landsdowne Pub was positive. There’s room for improvement, but it was a great atmosphere for a low-key brunch.

My meal was provided free of charge from The Landsdowne Pub through Boston Brunchers. I payed the tip for my meal. As with all EatingPlaces content, opinions are my own.


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