7th Annual Empty Bowls Project in Troy, NY

18 Oct

Empty ceramic bowl after red beet soup

On Sunday, October 14 I attended the 7th Annual Empty Bowls Project at the Italian Community Center in Troy, NY. Empty Bowls is a “grassroots effort to fight hunger” – these events are organized in cities throughout the world as a way to bring community, art, food, and hunger relief together. This was my second year at the Troy event.

Line of people waiting outside Italian Community Center in Troy, New York for Empty Bowls event

Seventy potters contributed bowls to the event. Bowls ranged from tiny finger bowls to some large enough to be small serving bowls. After arriving around 12:15 and waiting in line for 20 minutes outside of the Italian Community Center, we entered the pottery room where we chose our bowl (each $15 entry included one bowl). Many of the bowls weren’t signed (unfortunately!), but I found a beautiful one from potter Jean Decker (see top image).

Room of pottery bowls for the Empty Bowls event

Some of the bowls were very decorative – I love the one my cousin found:

Inside of beautiful pottery bowl from Empty Bowls

After choosing a bowl, we moved on to the tasting rooms. It was rainy Sunday morning, so the event was inside, which meant we could really feel how well-attended it was!

Inside the Italian Community Center for Empty Bowls

Thirteen restaurants and catering companies were around the periphery of two rooms. My favorites were:

Jackie Baldwin's Broccoli Smoked Gouda Soup at Empty Bowls

Chef Jackie Baldwin’s Broccoli Smoked Gouda

Muza's Red Beet Soup at Empty Bowls

Muza’s Red Beet Soup

Crab Chowder from Bootlegger's on Broadway at Empty Bowls

Crab Chowder from Bootlegger’s on Broadway

Sweet Potato Ancho Chili with Honey from Tap Room at Brown's Brewing

Sweet Potato Ancho Chili with Honey from the Tap Room at Brown’s Brewing

Live pottery demonstration at Empty Bowls

Proceeds from the event go to a variety of Upstate New York hunger relief programs: this year the event raised over $15,000 – a huge accomplishment! It was wonderful to be part of this day.


One Response to “7th Annual Empty Bowls Project in Troy, NY”

  1. jloo60 October 18, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Wonderful review on an awesome event! Nice pictures to give people a sense of what to expect. Your favorite soups were my favorites too! Chef Jackie’s Broccoli Smoked Gouda was very rich, so the tasting was a perfect amount for me.

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