SSL: Nov 24

24 Nov

Roger Miller Quote

Happy Saturday! I’m already loving this weekend – Thanksgiving on Thursday, no work yesterday, and now we still have the whole weekend. So to start it off right, here’s a great quote I found at Flour Bakery over the summer:

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. – Roger Miller

It’s all about perspective.

I follow Bianca and Beth on Instagram, so when I kept hearing about (and seeing) this amazing ‘Girls’ Blogger Weekend’ at Mohegan Sun I was excited to read about the whole weekend when they returned. And now that I’ve read their posts I’m completely jealous…I mean happy for them (all about perspective!). Read Bianca’s and Beth’s recaps – sounds like a delicious and fun weekend.

Art Ginsburg (Mr. Food) passed away this week. There’s a nice article on the Huffington Post about his career. I remember watching him (and Rachel Ray) on an Upstate New York food show when I was young.

All I did this Thanksgiving was make some pear galettes and show up for dinner, but if I did make a turkey, I’d use this recipe. Actually, I’ll just do this with a chicken! Joanne Chang’s soy sauce and honey glazed turkey from Food & Wine.

18 ways to eat seasonally with butternut squash recipes from Bon Appetit.

Have a great weekend!


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