SSL: Dec 1

1 Dec

I’m ready for December. I’m ready for the winter coats, snow (I said it), and sparkling lights everywhere to make up for the sun setting at 4pm. December is a busy food events month in Boston, which means trying new restaurants, meeting new people, and catching up with friends. But it’s not too late for a few more fall recipes, like pumpkin and brussels sprouts-

Pumpkin Smoothie and Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Eating seasonally – pumpkin smoothie and pan-roasted brussels sprouts

And it’s Saturday, so here’s the list!

Seems like there’s a new unhappy and extremely vocal restaurant customer every week. This week some girl from New Hampshire posted her dislike for Pigalle’s pumpkin pie all over their Facebook page (related posts now deleted). Chef Marc Orfaly’s response was that she should probably lay off the pie, anyway. Everyone apologized, everyone now knows Pigalle.

Read about how to make dal in the NYT. And then you can feel even more confident when you make my Acorn Squash and Lentil Soup. Which I am about to make as well.

Speaking of creating recipes – David Lebovitz thinks about How Precise Do Recipes Need To Be? I say not precise at all because I’m not a baker and I cook with whatever I have in the kitchen. It’s all about taste and feel, except when I’m trying to make a recipe for the blog, and then I measure so you can re-create it. But I don’t like to.

There’s an article on NPR’s The Salt about Tastier Winter Tomatoes. My favorite indoor-grown tomatoes, Backyard Farms, even gets a shout-out.

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend,



One Response to “SSL: Dec 1”

  1. Taryn December 6, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    Pumpkin and brussels sprouts – two of my absolute favorites! I’m still eating them…

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