The Month on Instagram

30 Dec

So I started a series last month called The Month on Instagram where I feature some food pictures that didn’t make it over here. Since then you heard about the new terms of service, but all seems to be as it was before the policy changes. And thank goodness this all happened because boycotting for 48 hours made me realized I’m slightly addicted. My goal for 2013 might be moderation.

On with the December food photos!

Cafeteria 5th Year Anniversary Hot Chocolate Bar

I attended Cafeteria’s 5th Year Anniversary Party earlier this month and they had a make-your-own hot chocolate bar with everything from marshmallows and chocolate to a bartender who could add a little orange liquor to your drink. My friend Chelsy and I also made a meal out of their apps – everything was delicious, as expected, because I love Cafeteria.

Clementines from Market Basket

Ever since I moved to Boston I’ve been wanting to check out Market Basket. For the best deals ever that I keep hearing about. I had no idea what to expect and I thought it would look like a giant Marshalls for food, but I finally visited and now I get it. You can find some good prices. Everything wasn’t half-off like in my fantasy world, but I found a box of clementines for $3.99. Not bad!

Raw Energy Bar

I made raw energy bars for the first time. They’re perfect to eat before morning yoga classes when I don’t have time for breakfast.

Chair, table and painting by window

My new lunch spot. No need to leave the apartment.

Ramen from Momogoose food truck

Ramen from Momogoose food truck. $4.50 for tofu ramen.

Giant salad

On Christmas Eve I ate this huge salad for lunch because I had a feeling there were plenty of special treats in my future…

Roasted chicken and vegetables with bacon-wrapped dates

Like this delicious dinner of Ming Tsai-inspired roasted chicken and veggies. Plus our tradition of a side of bacon-wrapped dates. Natural sugar with some home-grown bacon. That’s the way to eat on Christmas Eve.

What have YOU been eating this month?


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