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Saturday Short List: April 28

28 Apr

Happy Saturday! It’s all about the alcohol today.

The above picture captures one of my favorite spots for outdoor dining – The Blue Room in Kendall Square. Their cocktails are sublime. The drink in the front is a ‘Magic Bus’ (Berkshire Mountain Distillers Vodka, St. Germain, grapefruit juice), one of my favorites. I can’t wait for some (consistent) warm weather and dinner on the patio.

The Jogging Concierge compares two local breweries: Samuel Adams and Harpoon. Which is your favorite? After living in Boston for two years I still haven’t visited either of them. How is that possible?!

I thought there was a worldwide cork shortage, but according to the Cork Forrest Conservation Alliance (CFCA), there is no shortage and (obviously) plastic corks and metal screw tops are not sustainable. Hm…

Speaking of corks, the 3 bite rule shows off a great looking wine cork tray. Good luck finding the elusive authentic cork to make your own.

I finally bought a bottle of ‘Wild Tea’-flavored Absolut yesterday, as mentioned in my Sweet Carolines Grand Opening Party post. A little splash in some lemon seltzer…so good, I may need to alternate between this and my favorite summer combo of gin and tonic.

Free Food Boston gives us a first look at newly opened All Star Pizza Bar in Inman Square (across from All Star Sandwich Bar). They were giving out free pizza last week and I unfortunately missed the craziness. They’re on this list because, while I haven’t tried their pizza, I’ve been to All Star Sandwich Bar often enough to know they have awesome draft beer options.

Drink responsibly and enjoy the sunny weekend.

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