Ebleskiver Adventure

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

For my first meal of the year, I made ebleskiver!

Ebleskiver are traditionally of Danish origin, but, particularly due to Williams-Sonoma’s marketing of the pan used to make these pancake-like spheres, they have become increasingly popular over the past year.  On the Williams-Sonoma website, there’s a video demonstrating a single flip technique.  A single flip results in a smushed sphere with a seam along the perimeter.  After browsing YouTube videos, though, I decided to use a two turn technique and not fill them with anything so that they’re lighter.  It sounds complicated, but it was super easy:

Using pancake batter (separate eggs and whip whites until they form wet peaks, then mix together), I filled each section about half-way, then turned as you see in the following picture:

Using an Ebleskiver Pan

Many recipes I saw called for fillings (such as the apple & cinnamon combo on the Williams-Sonoma website), but I also read that cooking them alone creates much lighter pancakes that can be topped with various ingredients.  My mom made ebleskiver with the following inside: spicy sausage (from a pig we raised) and cheddar cheese; blueberry and cream cheese; peaches.

I decided to not add anything to mine.  However, I should have filled the pan more (fill the pan to 3/4 when you make them!), because during the last rotation, the top of the ball didn’t fill in.  This gave me a great idea, though…fill the ebleskiver pockets!

mango ebleskive with peach sauce

mango ebleskive with peach sauce

blueberry ebleskive with blueberry cream sauce

blueberry ebleskive with blueberry cream sauce

These were a lot of fun to make and I’m excited to experiment again soon!


2 Responses to “Ebleskiver Adventure”

  1. alongcamefood January 1, 2010 at 11:26 pm #

    Calm Down. Great Website.


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    […] as I started 2010 with ebelskiver, we made the same breakfast this year. Last year I was being creative, but this morning was all about eating (and getting over one-to-many […]

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